About the European Society of Endocrinology

The European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) is at the centre of Europe's endocrine community. It is our vision to shape the future of endocrinology to improve science, knowledge and health. It is our mission to advance endocrinology. We unite, support and represent our specialty, promoting collaboration and best practice, and enable our community to develop and share the best knowledge in endocrine science and medicine.

Our major goals are:

• To be at the centre of the endocrine community in Europe, acknowledged as the reference point for endocrine science, knowledge and health

• To provide top-quality continuous endocrine related education and training for all career stages in clinical practice and basic research

• To foster early-career basic and clinical endocrinologists, creating a dynamic community which will inspire them to become endocrinologists and remain in the sector

• To continue to run the leading European endocrine congress, ensuring it is kept current, attractive across the Focus Areas, and viewed as the ‘must attend’ event for all endocrinologists in Europe

To see more, visit the ESE website: https://www.ese-hormones.org/about-us.